A curated list of SLAM resources

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A curated list of SLAM resources

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Last updated: Mar. 29th, 2019.

The repo is maintained by Youjie Xia. The repo mainly summarizes the awesome repositories relevant to SLAM/VO on GitHub, including those on the PC end, the mobile end and some learner-friendly tutorials.

Regrading awesome SLAM papers, please refer to Awesome-SLAM-Papers.

If you want to know more about dependencies/packages of SLAM systems, please refer to Installing Dependencies on Ubuntu 16.04 LTS towards SLAM Projects (Updating).

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Hot SLAM Repos on GitHub

  1. Awesome-SLAM: Resources and Resource Collections of SLAM
  2. awesome-slam: A curated list of awesome SLAM tutorials, projects and communities.
  3. SLAM: learning SLAM,curse,paper and others
  4. A list of current SLAM (Simultaneous Localization and Mapping) / VO (Visual Odometry) algorithms
  5. awesome-visual-slam: The list of vision-based SLAM / Visual Odometry open source, blogs, and papers
  6. Lee-SLAM-source: SLAM 开发学习资源与经验分享
  7. awesome-SLAM-list
  8. VIO-Resources


Visual SLAM


  1. BreezySLAM: Simple, efficient, open-source package for Simultaneous Localization and Mapping in Python, Matlab, Java, and C++

Monocular Visual SLAM

  1. ORB_SLAM: A Versatile and Accurate Monocular SLAM

Stereo Visual SLAM

  1. ORB_SLAM2
  2. ORBSLAM2_with_pointcloud_map
  3. PL-SLAM: a Stereo SLAM System through the Combination of Points and Line Segments
  4. StVO-PL: Stereo Visual Odometry by combining point and line segment features
  5. stereo-dso: Direct Sparse Odometry with Stereo Cameras
  6. S-PTAM: Stereo Parallel Tracking and Mapping
  7. Robust Stereo Visual Odometry


Visual Inertial SLAM


  1. maplab: An open visual-inertial mapping framework.

Monocular Visual-Inertial SLAM

  1. ROVIO (Robust Visual Inertial Odometry)
  2. OKVIS: Open Keyframe-based Visual-Inertial SLAM (ROS Version)
  3. LearnVIORB: Visual Inertial SLAM based on ORB-SLAM2 (ROS Version), LearnViORB_NOROS (Non-ROS Version)

Stereo Visual-Inertial SLAM

  1. msckf_vio: Robust Stereo Visual Inertial Odometry for Fast Autonomous Flight
  2. ORBSLAM_DWO: stereo + inertial input based on ORB_SLAM
  3. LearnVIORBnorosgai2: Visual Inertial SLAM based on ORB-SLAM2 (Non-ROS Version)
  4. ygz-stereo-inertial: a stereo-inertial visual odometry

Mobile End SLAM

  1. VINS-Mobile: Monocular Visual-Inertial State Estimator on Mobile Phones
  2. ORB_SLAM2-iOS
  4. MobileSLAM - LSD SLAM on Mobile Phone

Depth Image API with iPhone 7 Plus (or newer)

  1. DepthAPISampleForiOS11
  2. AVDepthCamera
  3. ios11-depth-map-test


  1. Computer Vision/Geometric Fundamentals of SLAM


  1. 视觉SLAM十四讲/14 lectures on visual SLAM,English Version中文版
  2. Practice of the SlamBook
  3. GraphSLAM_tutorials_code
  4. SLAM 开发学习资源与经验分享
  5. Visual SLAM/VIO 算法笔记

Lie Algebra and Lie Groups

  1. Lie groups for Computer Vision
  2. Lie groups for 2D and 3D Transformations
  3. Hermite Splines in Lie Groups as Products of Geodesics

Optimization Techniques

  1. Gauss-Newton/Levenberg-Marquardt Optimization
  2. How a Kalman filter works, in pictures
  3. 卡爾曼濾波 (Kalman Filter)
  4. 翻譯 Understanding the Basis of the Kalman Filter Via a Simple and Intuitive Derivation

Selected Blogs

  1. The Future of Real-Time SLAM and Deep Learning vs SLAM
  2. IMU Data Fusing: Complementary, Kalman, and Mahony Filter

Research Groups



  1. 泡泡机器人